I cant build website except in phone view

Hi there, I can’t build the website except in phone view, is there a problem or am I just not finding the right settings? Even if I put something outside of phone view, its still phone view on the website. Please help me thank you.

I’ve checked your website, but I was able to set your website to larger screen modes as well. However, it looks like your website has been developed mobile first, so the content is all in a narrow column in the middle.

If you want the page to look good on larger screens, you’ll need to rearrange the content yourself to make it look how you want it to on larger screens.

Yes but now I’m having another problem, all of the files I uploaded aren’t loading, and when I go to upload a new one, it doesn’t loan it either, it won’t load any, yet everything I uploaded so far is still showing up on the website. Now I can’t add anything to it. What am supposed to do now by God!?