I can't access the WordPress dashboard (admin panel)

Web Site Adress

https://www.sekainousay.ga/wp-admin (cannot acsess)

Error Message

This page isn’t working

sekainousay.ga redirected you too many times.

* Try clearing your cookies


I tried everything I could, but I couldn’t solve this problem by myself.
Please, someone help me!

Other Information

How to Fix ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS Error in WordPress - Kinsta
↑ I tried this site but no luck.

Here’s a topic:


Thank you!
I can access it now!
But I can’t access it with https://~. (CSS is not applied.)
How can I make it accessible via SSL?

You can use really simple ssl plugin.


Oh, OK.
What SSL certificate should I use, is Cloudflare the right one?

Is sufficient, for a start

The next thing you should do is go to the Client Area and request a certificate. For more details:

Enable Force HTTPS on Cloudflare and change the mode to Strict and it should work.

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