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I can’t login to my website as the system does not recognize my email address. Help please.

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Please note that your WordPress Admin login details are the details you entered while installing WordPress. They are not the same as your hosting account, control panel or client area details, unless you specifically used the same configuration yourself.

If you installed WordPress with Softaculous, you can use Softaculous to login to the WordPress admin area. You can also find at least the admin username in the Softaculous interface. You may also be able to reset the admin password from there, either from Softaculous directly or by logging in to wp-admin through Softaculous.


Thanks. I’ve tried all you recommend. It doesn’t recognize my email address. I guess I wasted all day yesterday and half of today on this free hosting :frowning:

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You don’t have to use an email address, you can also use your Username.

Most credentials can be viewed/changed easily if you installed it using the Softaculous Installer


Including logging in to WordPress admin through Softaculous? What happened when you tried it?

Because I just tried it and it on your site and I’m able to access your site’s admin panel. And I can see all a username and email address there, as well as the option to set a new password.

Please note that the email address used by Softaculous is not necessarily the same as your email address in the client area.

The hosting account contact email is the same as the client area email when the account is created, and by default the WordPress admin email is the same as the hosting account email. But in your case, it seems that either the hosting account email or the client area email was changed afterwards, because they are no longer the same.

If you are able to access the WordPress admin through Softaculous, you can view both the username and email address of the admin account through the profile details in WordPress. From there, you can also set a new password.

And if for some reason the email address isn’t recognized, please try the username as well, like @SpookyKipper noted too.

If all else fails, you can always see your admin account profile details through the database directly, and change the password from there:


If you thought this was a hosting issue, that would explain why you were unable to solve it.

This is not an issue with our hosting. If you install software on your site, and don’t properly record the admin login details, you will not be able to login. This can happen with any software and with any hosting provider.

Please remember that we just give you hosting space. Your WordPress site is entirely yours and is your responsibility to manage. We provide Softaculous as a tool to help with that, but we don’t control the login details of your site. That’s entirely up to you.


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