I can't access my website

I can’t access my website
My website URL is: http://mariluzmontes.epizy.com
I’m getting site can’t be reached message. ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT


What kind of website do you use?
Like WordPress, Joomla, custom?

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Did you tried installing it agin?

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Try but remove domains/subdomains from old accound and create new one


No, should I try it? If I try, will I lose everything?

Do you have something on your website?
If yes do you have backup?

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I was starting to design the website, I guess I won’t lose much. Where do I see if I have a backup?

If you did not had any backup plugins then you don’t have backup. You should really try to reinstall.

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To Clarify… The IP that site is hosted on it is DDoSed, you’ve to wait till it fixes or move your site to another account.


Thank you both very much for responding. I will wait a few days to see if it’s solved and if I don’t reinstall wordpress

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BayoDino what do you mean by moving to another account?

Delete your subdomain from the precedent account, deactivate the precedent account, create a new account with the subdomain you deleted before and install WordPress onto it.


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