I can't access my site, leading to a 404 error page

Please I was browsing through my site until suddenly it started redirecting me to a 404 error page also all the domains connected with my account redirects to the same page.

Getting the same problem! + can’t access my ftp

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make sure the url is correct
after ‘.com’ make sure that you are using the correct file name like if you have a file called ‘help.html’ then it should be ‘afrivilla.epizy.com/help.html’ for an example

Everything is correct @DRAGON
I recently found out that my inode has reached 100%. Can that be the cause?

Same here!

FileZilla FTP Server connect errors:
421 2900 users (the maximum) are already logged in, sorry
421 Home directory not available - aborting

Web Page error: 404 Site not found!

My inode is just 1% and still getting the error

I have been using my site for a couple of months without problems. Now I am getting this 404 page for all of the folders on my site. I also cannnot access my site through FTP. The problem shows up on both my smart phone and computer.

Did anybody figure out how to correct this problem?

It looks like there might have been a temporary hickup with the storage system, but everything seems fine now. Do you still have this issue?

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