I Can't acces to my site

My website URL is: http://geotakunofansub.epizy.com

What I’m seeing is:

When i go to the domain asigned to the site it appears a 404 error, like it doesn’t exist, and when i install wordpress it givesme the two address, the principal link to the site and the link to acces to my instalation of wordpress but the two links redirect to 404 page error

I’m using this software:

Softaculous / Wordpress

Additional information:

I Try to create domains (I know it are subdomains but in another accout i have i can create subdomains like the principal domain) but it says it appear it must be a sub domain, and i create sub domains and install wordpress with subdomain name and i have the same 404 error.

Some hours later I try to acces to the site and It is working… I do not how or why but is working

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