I cannot verify my InfinityFree account's email

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Moderator please message me for email address

Error Message

403 That’s an error…
Invalid signature.

Other Information

I’ve resend multiple emails, but the link inside the email seems to be always invalid, therefore I cannot verify my InfinityFree account (well more like the account was created for my friend because he needs help from me to setup his website)

Welcome! Can you please PM me your email address? Just click my profile pic.

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Please note that the verification links are only valid for 2 hours. So if you click to send the link now, and it takes more than 2 hours for your friend to click the link, the link will no longer be valid.

That’s the most likely reason I can think of the link doesn’t work for you or your friend.

Maybe your friend can sign up themselves? That way they can request the link and immediately confirm it.


He gave me access to the email account, so I could set up his website. With that said, I did try verifying the email under 1 minute, however it would still return “403 Forbidden”.

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