I cannot upload anything or get on my dashboard

hello. i change my template on my website and so now i no long see the menu “new” “my blog” and “customize” list. will changing template back to it’s original will work? and how do i do so when them words are gone?

Clear your browser caches cause I could see your domain here at my end.

yesterday on my account, I changed the template. after changing to a new template, even after I logged in to my account, I don’t see the (new , customize etc) option menu. I’m trying to get on my dashboard I can’t because of that. I logged on again and again. nothing. please help me

how exactly do i clear my browser caches? and there’s one more thing i forgot to ask, if i clear cache, does it applies here of clear cookies or google? and if here, how do i clear the caches if i can’t log on atm?

For Google Chrome: Ctrl+H > Clear Browsing Data > Advanced > Clear

If you check all the check boxes when clearing browser data, yes it will also delete the cookies and data on a site, but you can uncheck it and leave the Caches check box checked.

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i did so earlier. still, i couldn’t log in. i switch to new template but i couldn’t see the words “new” “customize” or “my blog”. i couldn’t get into dashboard because of that.

First of all, some important questions:

  • What is your website domain?
  • Which software or CMS do you use on your website?

it was orginally kuoioenh.epizy.com. i closed it off but switch to epiz_26314430 just today. i totally messed up on the options which i hardly know know to fix. i’m also practically new here so i still don’t know what’s cms is. also is there’s any way i could get izowlo1ttwo1.epizy.com reopened by any chance?

Example of some CMS:
Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Opencart etc… If you navigate to Softaculous installer, all you can find and see there, those are what we called CMS.

You are using cms wordpress, with Myblog, hello world.

oh ok. mine is wordpress.org

say is there’s by any chance i could get that account reponed?

oh, one more thing. on the account, how do i rest everything? i think my option’s mixed up. i want it se in original before i made the blog thingy. i guess that was the one completely messed up the whole option. is there’s anyone that could help me?

Yes, if you will abuse and use too much consumption.

What do you mean by ‘original’? And what do you mean by mixed up?

Sure, just hit the Reactivate Now button in the client area to reactivate your account!


oh, one more question, is daily hit limits occurs after over uploading? also according to the rules, you guys reccommand getting a premium upgrade. how much does it cost BTW? some of us don’t have that kind of money though D:

Please refer here:

The most basic premium plan only cost you $19.99 for the whole year! Pay $19.99 and your site will be hosted on a fast premium server for a whole year with less restrictions and a much more better Control Panel.


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