I cannot my files on my site www.xenixitsolutions.com


I cannot my files on my site

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Please remove index2.html

i thought i already did that

Shows us the pic of htdocs

i deleted the old file(index.html) and replaced it with my own.

Clear image cache and refresh your site regularly after changes
First clear cache of your browser

I recomand to keep extra html in a separate folder just keep index file

Are you sure this is the right folder? I tried accessing all your html and your folders, and got 404 from every one of your files.

Ensure that you are in the right website folder.

as far as i know im in htdocs

Did you moved your other htmls

Can you show us the root of the ftp manager, like the main directory?

Please move your files to xenixitsolutions.com/htdocs


Basing on his screenshot, he is already in the htdocs folder and the files in his screenshot is also in the htdocs folder.

If you’ve found two htdocs or an xenixitsolutions.com folder at first (startup), kindly move those files and folders from the first htdocs that you seen on file manager to xenixitsolutions.com > htdocs

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@paul5000 Please note that the domain xenixitsolutions.com is assigned to the account epiz_26019258, not epiz_25659067 (which you showed in the file manager screenshot). Please make sure that you’re uploading the right files to the right account.



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