I cannot edit or see the full scope of my Wordpress site

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I cannot edit pages/themes/plugins and other directories to edit my website. It just shows a basic site in wp as shown if you use the URL. PLEASE HELP!!!

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That’s not a valid URL. Please share the actual URL of your website.

Why not? How exactly are you trying to edit them and what do you see when you try to edit them?

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No wordpress dashboard to access my site to fix some links on the website where you get taken to a error 404 page. I need to fix this.

This is problematic.

My valid url is thestrategyconnections.com.

The link above that I posted is my WP dashboard where it supposed to load up with all my pages, themes and plugins to edit my page. My bad that could have been misleading.

Some of the pages on my site at thestrategyconnections.com take you to error 404 pages. To fix this I need to go on the WP admin dashboard but once again I cannot access.


No issue

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Many of the URLs on your website are also broken for me. A URL like http://thestrategyconnections.com/email-campaign/ returns a 404 error for me.

The reason for this is that your .htaccess file is incomplete. A WordPress site should have the following rules in the file .htaccess in the htdocs directory of your site: htaccess – Documentation – WordPress.org

I do see some WordPress related rules in the file, but not the rules that should be there. Maybe you could try adding the default code to the file and see if that helps?

I still have no idea what you mean by this. “No wordpress dashboard”? Again: why not, what do you see?

We all are eager to help you. But you need to be A LOT more specific about the issue you’re having and what exactly you’re seeing and doing. A single sentence or less summarizing your experience doesn’t give us any information about what’s happening on your site, which means we have no idea what you could do to fix it.


That is my WP admin dashboard. This is what I mean by when I say its incomplete.

I appreciate your concern to help but note that I am very inexperienced with this as its the first site that I’m building and I am unable to yet understand the issue to troubleshoot it so I ask to please bear with me!

1: Everything from the site and WP dashboard was working fine until a redirect error on what I think was one of my plugins messed up my ability to access the site or the WP dashboard.

2: I tried disabling and deleting some of the plugins manually on the actual file manager and added a Redirect on the file manager on .htaccess.

  1. This half fixed the issue where I was able to access the site but like I said before you are taken to a 404 pages . I also cannot edit or see my site on the WP dashboard.

  2. I could please ask you to fix this for me where I will give full access to my infinity free account and my WP dashboard since I might actually mess it up even more or you could tell me exactly what the default code is and where instead I should input into my .htaccess file since I have limited knowledge on this subject.

  3. I appreciate your concern and help. Many thanks.

That to me seems like a permission issue in WordPress. As if the user you’re logged in as doesn’t have admin permissions.

Are you sure you’re logged in as the admin user?

When I access Softaculous on your account and then click the admin login button from there, I do see all the options of your site. And that user has a different nickname than what’s visible in the screenshot.

Please login through Softaculous to find the username of the admin user. After that, you can either reset the password for that user through WordPress itself or through Softaculous.

I don’t know how your created your extra user exactly, but I can tell you that simply using the registration form of WordPress to create a user will (thankfully) not give you admin permissions on the site. That would allow anyone to get admin permissions, which would be a very bad thing.


I am taken to the same page. It seems that I was always the admin user just as I thought it was.

Could it be perhaps something else?

Many thanks!

I was able to login as admin to your site, and I did see there are two users in your site. One user was the admin user I was able to access, the other uses was the user you were using (looking at the name), which only had Subscriber permissions.

The Softaculous admin login button should just work. Maybe logout as your subscriber user first and then try again?

Alternatively, you can reset the password of the admin user through the database. The easiest way to do so is through phpMyAdmin: Reset Your Password – Documentation – WordPress.org. In the wp_users table in the in the database you can also find the username and email address of the actual admin user.



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