I cannot access phpMyAdmin

I have this database from months. The database is working as I can access my website and it fetches proper data from databse and displays it. But I am not able to go to my phpMyAdmin which should be simple by just clicking on button.Please help me here I have hostname and ports, should i try to connect from any other software?? I need to add data in database.I simply get this error.

Hi and welcome to the forum! I can link you to this article, as you didn’t send the screenshot of the error:


Hi, even I am facing the same issue. PHPMyAdmin is not opening at all.

i am getting thhis error too

@lineinfire and @Paradox88 , I have checked phpMyAdmin for the accounts of both of you and phpMyAdmin is working fine from here now. I also don’t see any issues reported in our monitoring.

Do you still experience this problem?


@Admin still the same here. It still says ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.

Hmm…Seems the IP is blocked in Nepal. I used the VPN and connected from the USA and now it’s working fine.

@Paradox88 May be you should try with VPN.


wow thanks mate you solved my issue, I was having a headache. I am too from Nepal by the way. No idea how it got blocked in Nepal. It was working fine a month ago with no VPN.
Now every time to get into phpMyAdmin, I need VPN.

I would love to connect to you as from Nepal. Please share any info to connect with you.

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If you can get in touch with your internet service provider, you could try asking them to shed some light on the situation. Unfortunately, unless something changes it seems you’ll need to use a VPN to login from now on.


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