I can’t see changes to my site

Здравствуйте, недавно я загрузил файлы моего сайта на Ваш хостинг, и тогда сайт прекрасно работал, все изменения, которые я вносил, можно было сразу видеть. Но сейчас, спустя некоторое время, я вношу изменения, но сайт остается прежним, ничего не меняется. Я удалил кеш браузера, но это не сработало.
С телефона (до этого я с него не заходил на сайт) изменения видны, а с компьютера - нет. Как можно исправить данную проблему?

It’s an English community, you’ve to speak in English.

Hello, I recently uploaded the files of my site to your hosting, and then the site worked perfectly, all the changes that I made could be seen right away. But now, after some time, I am making changes, but the site remains the same, nothing is changing. I deleted the browser cache, but this did not work.
From the phone (before that I didn’t go to the site from it), the changes are visible, but from the computer - no. How can I fix this problem?

Are you using Cloudflare? At least can you say what’s your site URL?



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No, I do not use Cloudflare

And what is your website URL, so that we can check what’s the problem?



I checked and your website works fine. If it doesn’t for you, please clear your browser cache and cookies.

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For me it shows Test only.

I edited the post the third time about that, by the way.

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So it should be, it says ‘Test’, but on my computer I can’t get rid of the previous version of the site

Try visiting http://www.photographersite.pp.ua ?
If that works fine, you’ve to clear your cache and cached browser data or use another browser.


With www it works as it should



Ok, cleared the browser cache, but that doesn’t work

Then try to refresh the page of your website using Ctrl+F5?

Does not work.
I see it:

Why I insist so, I think that soon the link with www will have the same problem as now with the link without www.

I also disabled the cache through Chrome DevTools in the Network tab and rebooted, but the problem did not resolve.

In incognito mode and in another google accounts, by the way, this problem persists.

Are you syncing your google account?