I can`t connet to my panel

why i cant connect to my panel?

More details plz?

in my client a click on “contorol panel” and move on a new tab and then dont have any progress after that

giving a screenshot is useful.

did you click on blue button?

just this
nothing more
and it funny because i can load my filemanager

dosen`t work!
i tried before

Where are you from?


Iran Telecommunication Company PJS has added *.epizy.com domain to their filtering list.


no i using rf.gd

yes i’m.

lets speak persian!

it’s an english forum, which means we’re not allowed to.
you can also go to cpanel.rf.gd, but you’ve to enter site details.

shit fine
it confused me,file manager is loadin but cpalen no!

Fortunately, you can go to cpanel.rf.gd, but you’ve to enter your site details in order to login to the panel.

i try with vpn and it works :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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do VPNs work? <_<

anyway glad it fixed your problem :slight_smile:

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