I can send emails - but not able to receive them

I recently joined Infinityfree as a free user.

I have got a domain from GoDaddy and have set up the nameserver to point to infinityFree.

I went ahead and added 2 email accounts for my website.

I am able to send emails from both of these accounts.

However, I am not able to receive emails at all - atleast I can’t see any new emails in roundcube webmail.

I have also added the MX entry field in as told in the warning message.

What can be the issue here?

Can you please include which domain name this issue relates to? That would make it a lot easier to check.


Thanks for the prompt reply. The issue is with dayuseroom.com. I created two emails from this

  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]

The issue is caused by the fact you are using the Cloudflare integration. This is a known issue with the way we integrated Cloudflare and we’re still looking for a good way to fix it.

In short: you can’t use our Cloudflare integration and receive e-mail on your domain. If you disable Cloudflare, you will be able to receive e-mail, or you can sign up with Cloudflare directly and add your domain there and set the MX records.

ok I’ll try disabling Cloudfare and test it …and will let you know. Meanwhile, how much time does it take for the changes to propagate?

@khurana3192 said:
ok I’ll try disabling Cloudfare and test it …and will let you know. Meanwhile, how much time does it take for the changes to propagate?

A few hours, typically.

Hey Admin,

So I went ahead and disabled the Cloudfare integration and I am still not able to receive emails inside my mailbox. I can again send emails - but not able to receive them.

The MX record seems to be good now, so you should be able to receive e-mail. How long ago did you disable the integration and try to test the email?

I disabled Cloudflare integration around 10 hours back and tried sending an email around 3 hours back. I just sent an email to [email protected] - but its not showing up in roundcube

Hey sorry for the last update. I can see my emails in my box now. Thanks. Is there any documentation or a link where I can learn more about using both Cloudflare and Incoming emails at the same time. Will upgrading to XVHOST plan - solve this particular problem for sure - or it’s still present in XVHOST?

We don’t really have any documentation on how to add a domain to Cloudflare yourself, but it’s easy enough to figure out on your own. Basically, you just sign up to Cloudflare, add the domain to their panel and have Cloudflare pull the DNS records from our servers (you generally don’t need to configure any DNS records yourself). Then, you can change the nameservers at your domain registrar and everything should work.

The Cloudflare integration on XVHOST works different, so doesn’t suffer from the same issue. You can use the cPanel-Cloudflare integration on XVHOST and still receive e-mail.