I can not open the entire site!

hello all I’m Bane
I have a problem.
I need to say immediately my DNS is going over the cloudflare

yesterday when I installed a couple of add-ons to mine wordpress website,
after a few minutes he stopped working.
since last night, it shows me that the domain does not work.

I honestly do not understand these things, I just want to make a site with a forum.
In the game world of tanks we made a clan and I want to make a site with a forum for this purpose.
please if you could help me

I do not know how fix DNS configuration ,
adn I looked but I really do not know how?

I switch back DNS in here on epizy.com 1 and 2

here my website link atb-bataljon.cf

Thank you in advance:


I tried to open atb-bataljon.cf again,
still the same .
Here’s what he tells me: Host atb-bataljon.cf can not process this request at this time.