I can not get json from my site

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Hello. I have a problem. I am doing a REST API, and trying to get json from a site on another hosting from the site that is on your hosting, with the file_get_contents function, but I get an empty string. With curl the same. Although other sites normally return json. It does not return only the site from your hosting. Help me please.


okay. thank.

You are trying to fetch data from a website which is hosted on Infinityfree, or you are trying to host a website that fetches data from a REST API on a different server (not Infinityfree)? The latter is allowed. If it is the latter, please show the code.

The second option. I am trying on a different site, not infinityfree, to get json from a site on infinityfree. As I understand it, I will not succeed.

Here is the code. Website (at infinityfree):

echo json_encode(['status' => 'ok']);

Another site (not on infinityfree):

$html = file_get_contents($my_site_infonityfree);

But I do not get html

You are trying to fetch JSON data from the website on Infinityfree. This is essentially not allowed.

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Did you read the article linked to by @anon19508339. It tells you why that won’t work here.


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