I am unable to connect to PHPMyAdmin from php

I am trying to connect the database from php. I am getting below error.

Failed to connect to MySQL: Access denied for user ‘epiz_25560335’@‘’ (using password: YES)

I checked in knowledge base. My database name is correct. Please help me on this.

Connection String i am using is:

$mysqli = new mysqli(“sql308.epizy.com”,“epiz_25560335”,“xxxxxxx”,“epiz_25560335_testdb”);

Hi there,

$host = ’ sql308.epizy.com’;
$userbd = ‘epiz_25560335’;
$passwordbd = ‘xxxxxxxx’;
$bd = ‘epiz_25560335_testdb’;

use $mysqli_conect = new mysqli($host, $userbd, $passwordbd, $bd);

and use mysli_connect_errno

return $mysqli_conect

check your informations of conection bd in cpnel or painel infinity free

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Checked…Still same

Access denied for user

You can see an error message which looks like Access denied for user 'epiz_12345678'@'192.168.0.*' (using password: YES) . This message means that the user was able to connect, but does not have access to the provided database name.

This is what there in knowledge base. So i am able to connect. Is there any permission need to be set by Admin or anyone ?

This generally means that the database name is not correct. If you entered the database name my_database when creating the database, the full database name looks like epiz_12345678_my_database . The easiest way to make sure you have the right database name is to go to the MySQL Databases section in your control panel. If you haven’t created your database yet, you can also do it through this menu.

It could also mean that your database password is incorrect. The database password is the same as your hosting account password (which is different from your client area password!). You can find your hosting account password by logging in to your client area, select the account, scroll down to Account Password and click Show.


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