I am not receiving the password reset link

Hello, I’m trying to reset my password (because I forgot it and it’s making me insert the password to log in to my account!) However, I’ve already tried to send the link twice and still haven’t received it!

I’ve checked my spam, inbox, promotional, and social tabs and the email isn’t in any of those sections!

So, could a mod/admin send me the email directly? Also, am I on some kind of suppression list here?

There are two things that could be causing this:

A: The mail server that InfinityFree is using is overloaded. If this is the case, the email will be sent once the backlist goes down.

B: You entered the incorrect email in the form

Not on the Forum, why?


Never mind, I got the email (it was just delayed by quite awhile)

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Are you trying to reset the password of the client area app.infinityfree.net or the control panel cpanel.epizy.com?

Because if it’s the latter, then do not use that reset functionality, it will break your website at some point. Instead, you can reset your account password from the client area. Simply find your account in the Account list, click Manage and then go to Edit Account.


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