I am not receiving emails from my web mail

I m not receiving emails from my web mail it is already set up … i sent emails and the arrive late around in junk email but I never receive emails… and I would like to set up the form on the web page I traid differents wpform and others… no one worked i never received emails in my email when I fill up the form. dont know what to do any more… please help

You can’t use the PHP mail() functions for other than activation emails with the emails sent from the email services, but you may need to set Gmail’s SMTP and that’s possible only with your Gmail email. You may work around by creating another administrator account with your Gmail email, then logging on your other administrator account, deleting the first one, installing WP Mail SMTP, selecting “Other SMTP”, inputting as server smtp.gmail.com, as encryption method SSL, toggling the TLS option, enabling authentication and putting as username your Gmail email and as password your Gmail password. Before saving the changes, make sure you enabled “Less Secure Apps” on Google account settings and disabled the CAPTCHA request on login! Then save the changes and send a test email. After that, change the website email to the Gmail email by the WordPress settings and verify the new email by clicking a link WordPress will send you.

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