I am not able to get email address

hello dear I am not able to get an email with my hosting can u please help me because I don’t want to provide my original email id to others.
Please help me with this.

As I am not able to invest money right now be this is just my startup.

Please help need support

Hello there,

As far as what I’m aware they disabled the feature for recieving emails due to spam abuse.

Alternatively you might want to use 3rd party email service providers for your custom domain.
These are some of those services:

  1. Zoho (Free but you cannot have access to your IMAP and SMTP details)
  2. G Suite (Paid)

When you want to sign up with a 3rd party email service provider then go to their website and follow the instructions they will provide you on how you can set up email addresses for your custom domain and how you can get started.


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