I am geting a error that is very annoying because i cant get into my forum acp


Error Message

We are performing scheduled site maintenance at this time. Please check back with us later. (says it in different languages

I have installed two other forum software and they all do this I have talked to
if you need a picture of it just tell me

What software have you tried?

I have invision community on it now and I have tried xenforo


I am not sure what you mean, as it is working for me

Please note that if you are using a nulled installation, you will be permanently banned from free hosting for violating the TOS.


Neither of those are suitable for this hosting. If you can afford then, you can most certainly afford $5 premium hosting.

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If you have forum software costing hundreds of dollars, maybe contact the company you paid all that money to?

And if you didn’t pay that, please note that using pirated software is strictly forbidden on our hosting. If you want a forum for free, please use forum software that’s available for free, like MyBB or Vanilla Forums.


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