I added an СNAME, but i still can't generate ssl certificate


Rather, I added a certificate, but it has status “draft”
What does it mean? And why does it write to me that it was not possible to find a domain name in my account and ask me to add CNAME?

Please note that it can take a few hours for the status checks to recognize the new CNAME records.

btw. this is not a good way - because the pass is easily found in the JS file


I know, This is temporary protection.

Hey, I can’t create topics anymore, so I’ll ask here how to change the dns servers to those that I was given in cloudflare

If the question is about you not seeing your website because DNS hasn’t propagated yet because of your ISP, etc. then:

P.S. most routers need a restart to pull new settings

If the question has to do with something else… like Cloudflare NS

You must own a custom domain to use Cloudflare. You cannot use a free subdomain.

If your question is something other than the above, please explain


“Draft” means the certificate order hasn’t yet been sent to the SSL provider. To proceed from this stage, please make sure you’ve completed the necessary verification steps (usually this means setting up one or two CNAME records on your domain), and have clicked the Request Certificate button when the validation checks go green.

This means that the domain name for which you’ve requested a certificate was not found on any of your hosting accounts. If the domain is found on one of your accounts, we can setup the CNAME record for yo automatically.

Please pay very close attention to the domain name you have on your account, and the domain name for which you have requested and SSL certificate. If they do not match exactly, you will not be able to request a certificate for it.

The providers of SSL certificates want to make sure they only provide certificates for a domain to the domain owner, or someone authorized by them. By setting up the CNAME record, we can prove to the SSL provider that we are authorized to request certificates for your domain. If not, the SSL provider will not provide the SSL certificate to us, which means we cannot provide it to you.

I’m not sure how this is related, but please note that setting custom nameservers is not possible for free subdomains, and Cloudflare doesn’t accept free subdomains. So unless there is another domain name you haven’t told us about, this seems like an XY problem to me.


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