I ad my 'domain but it not appear in list


I want use free hostig and tried to link my domain here but it doesnt appear here.

But domain provider said nameserver up’date so i need solution.

What’s your domain url?

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For me it shows a Directory Listing now. You now need to upload your website files to indeedjobs1.com/htdocs/ with a FTP client. Also, you can find the domain you added on the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel.

How to uploa n files websites files plz tell me i m new.

Please read this article:


Its long process i cannot set it as new

If you don’t want to upload your existing website files, or are setting up a new website here, I also suggest installing a software from the Softaculous Apps Installer, since it’s the easiest way to have a website/blog/forum you can customize with whatever you want. Just search for it on the “Software” tab and click on it. On the new screen that will appear you can search for a software and install it by entering the required details for it.

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How to find that

its not showing here

Click on “Manage” and then on “Control Panel”. After you launched the Control Panel, then search for Softaculous in the Software tab of the Control Panel and click on it.

I want setup new site in my domain

Yes but my domain how to go inside

To view the domain you added, launch the Control Panel as before and go to the “Addon Domains” section. If you want to create files and folders and manage small or less files, you can launch the File Manager from either the Client Area or the Control Panel. If you need to configure your FTP client, on the “Manage” page of the Client Area you can find the FTP details.

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This is what i have in my account.

Now you need to upload your website files to indeedjobs1.com/htdocs/ with a FTP client, or install WordPress or your favourite software from the Softaculous Apps Installer if you want your website to be live on indeedjobs1.com.

Hi you know the issue, my domain not showig in list so there is no manage tab so how i i install software this process i know.but domain not found only showing free site.

This has mange option like that my domain not showing here.

I hope u know matter.

That thing next to the username is the hosting account label, that indicates which website(s) are you hosting by default, and doesn’t indicate which domains are in your account. You can change it with whatever you want clicking on “Manage” and on “Edit Account”, so that you know better which hosting account to manage the options on. Also, to launch Softaculous Apps Installer from that screen:

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It has mange option n software but how i add my domain in it.

That is another active free blog edit account area

To change label, click on the textbox with label “Account Label” and then put your favourite text inside the label and click on “Update Label”. Then go back and click on “Control Panel” and do what I said before (except clicking on “Manage” and then on “Control Panel” again) to launch Softaculous, and select a software you want to install. Here’s a video with the steps I posted before and the steps which aren’t included in the text tutorial (even the “choosing a domain” step), but with a different account this time, to demonstrate this (in the demo I chose WordPress as app to install, but you can choose whatever you want):


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