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It is not secure site, a warning on the browser

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I have already implemented the SSL certificate on this website, but it is not reflected on my site, it shows me a warning alert on the web.

When I look at it on my browser, it appears to have a valid SSL certificate. What browser are you using? Do you have any security plugins installed or programs like Norton running?


click on the see details button then click on the report a detection problem link and let them know that this is a mistake


Where does “Google Safe Browsing” come from? Is this from a plugin?

Or is it built into Firefox?

I use firefox and its baked into the app, its not a plugin

but it can be disabled in settings > security
untick block dangerous and deceptive content


I think services like that are overly protective when it comes to shared hosting / free sites. They mark a lot of stuff as “dangerous” when it’s not.


google chrome

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Many major browsers have built-in screens to block deceptive/dangerous content. I know Firefox, Chrome, and Edge all do. Firefox and Chrome both get their list from Google Safe Browsing, whereas Edge gets its list from Microsoft SmartScreen. I’m pretty sure other browsers like Opera and Brave and whatnot have features like this built-in (and also probably get their list from GSB).

However, @if0_34749564 when I load your site using MS Edge and Chrome, I get no warnings. It also seems like the SSL/TLS certificate is working and issued by GTS (ironic, is it not?).


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