Https on free subdomain?

I assumed all of your own subdomains would be running on https by default, but I see this is not so.

It’s not a big deal, but I was wanting to develop my site using the subdomain before figuring out how to connect my domain, and so I installed WP as https using Softaculous, but found that this isn’t working.

Is this doable or no? Am I better to just wait and figure out how to get my own domain on https using CloudFlare (apparently this works? I have yet to find actual instructions on this!).

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can enable Cloudflare from cPanel…
MX Records will stop working…

To may both work together… Upgrade your plans


you use one of the free subdomains
more precisely subdomain like

so you can “not” get a certificate for several reasons…

basically you need a domain not subdomain
cloudflare only work with domains !
how to get a free domain? here

then use cloudflare because it gives you free ssl (https) plus other stuff

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