Https not secure due to incorrect common name

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: Website not secure (incorrect common name), 403 forbidden error when bypassed

I’m using this software: Latest chrome build

Additional information: I have bought the custom domain from and the common name for the certificate is issued to * I have checked with their support team and they say they have not put any SSL certificates on the site.

Update: it is working fine now, secure and no errors. It is very spotty though. Sometimes secure. sometimes not, sometimes only on the home page (index.html)

Now your domain doesn’t point anymore to our nameservers. To fix that please change them to and from’s nameserver management panel, and wait a while until it’s propagated.

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I have set that up and double checked they are still set, which the are. Must just be an issue with the propagation and a matter of just waiting for it to go through.

I just checked your nameservers, and it’s currently pointing to both our nameservers and those from Please remove the nameservers from your domain name, or you will keep getting random errors like this.

Proof: Dig web interface - online dns lookup tool


Ah ok, thank you so much!

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