HTTP ERROR while uploading a video with big size

So I got myself a video player plugin installed on my website (wordpress), but when I tried to upload a video I realised it won’t work, because my limit was 1mb for uploading media files. Is there a way to increase it to 10 GB? (not that the file I upload will be that big, just don’t wanna have any confusions with future files for upload).

I have tried a plugin that increases the limit of media files size to upload, but when I upload it after activating the plugin and it is almost at the end, the it stops and says HTTP ERROR and won’t upload under any circumstances. I would really like to increase my max upload file size to 10 GB. If you could help, then that would be greatly appreciated.

The file size limit is 10 MB and cannot be increased on free hosting. We provide a website hosting service, not a file sharing service, and normal websites files typically do not exceed 10 MB.

You could upload the videos to a site like Youtube or Vimeo and embed it on your website or you could upgrade your account.

Does the $3.45 plan work as increasing the max upload size?

@AnimeGamer441 said:
Does the $3.45 plan work as increasing the max upload size?

Although video hosting sites are not allowed on XVHOST either, you can set you own upload limit there.