when I updated a certain plugin from WordPress, it crashed then I suddenly couldn’t get in to my dashboard.

Here’s the page result:


It sounds like the plugin just broke your Wordpress installation. This error is usually caused by bad code and an update could have caused this.

The best way to proceed now should be to disable the plugin manually. You can do that by going into phpMyAdmin and, in the wp_options table, find the row with in the option_name: active_plugins. By editing or emptying the corresponding value, you can disable some plugins which should allow you to regain access to your admin area.

Yes, just like @Admin said it’s a corrupt/bad plugin.

It sometimes happens with WordPress if you are installing plugins that have small rating score or plugins who are far away in the plugins page.

Use only trusted and well known plugins :slight_smile:

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Alternatively, you may access the plugins folder through htdocs/wp-content/plugins then order this folder by data and delete the most recently created folder in that directory assuming you want to remove this plugin and not disable it.
This is also assuming you installed WordPress into the root directory of your public domain.

Thanks! got rid with the problem. I renamed the folder of the plugin on the root to deactivate. Didn’t know what to do earlier until Uncle google solved the problem for me. :smiley:


but thank a lot @Admin , @Mike, and @Kieran.

You’re all awesome! lovee youu