Http Error 500

I’m installing a google drive sharer script in my infinity free account and getting http error 500…
here’s the script link :

i installed this script on 000webhost and it’s working fine there… but i don’t wanna use 000webhost (it’s not as good as infinity free)

anybody know how to fix this issue ?? Please Help!

Well, we cannot help you without a URL to your website.

Here is an article on the error message though.



looks like there’s something wrong with script (it’s incomplete) anyways thanks for your help…

you can enable php error logs from Cpanel

No need to do that they suspended my account for using that script i don’t know what’s wrong with it guess i’m having bad day haha

You can raise support ticket from client area to find out more.
I believe TOS was violated as file hosting was not allowed

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i did, they are saying that “you have exceeded the usage limits or because of abuse” they’re not giving any clear reason for suspension. i know file hosting isn’t allowed here but thing is that i’m not hosting any file on their server it’s hosting on google drive’s server this script doesn’t require lots of resources it works great in any cheap hosting.

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But it does say to submit a ticket if you want more information. Did you do that already?

I don’t think you’ll be able to continue hosting that site with us though. We don’t allow file sharing sites, even if the files themselves are stored elsewhere. Because the downloads are usually still pulled through our servers, which consumes excessive bandwidth and CPU power.

If you need any further information, would like your account to be reactivated or would like backups, please say so in the ticket.