Http error 500

We are sorry for being cruel, we cannot force you to be right.


lol, We can’t debug a problem with just some words.
Give us the script name,
What you recently did to the script.

BayoDino, i hope one day Admin expel you from the moderating, yes you and Soundar cruel but Soundar is help me to many topics, you’re only talk about unnecessary rules

lol, Moderator is here to tell the rules and not simp,it is their duty to keep everything right in this forum

He chooses Mods very carefully and assess them periodically

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Please don’t be mad to me! I’m only joking

Is that joking or being mean? If you have same behavior on other communities, they’d ban you.

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If Admin chooses very carefully, he don’t choose the BayoDino

You are not the person to tell that,
Anyways I am muting this topic, Bye :wave:

Where are you going? I’ve prepared some popcorn to watch the fight :grinning:


Okay BayoDino, it’s mix. I’m sorry but i was created the new topic about a problem and i was be honestly, but if you Moderator, as i know you should solve the problems. Okay i will delete the all files but if one day, the one user see this topic and open it for solve his problem, the user see unnecessary comments, please only say me; how i or anyone solve the HTTP ERROR 500

I’m only reminding you ToS, the one user would notice that abusing TOS is not allowed and action will be taken. I didn’t want to help you because I don’t want to help people with doing illegal stuff.

I hope you understand but nobody (including me) is your enemy here, it’s our duty to help people and also prevent people from violating ToS.


If you deleted all the files then there will be nothing to cause the error

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SirEpiclyDeveloper? If you don’t see this error on your website, why you feel necessariy to open this topic and write a comment? Don’t write reply please, im only want to say okay?

If you want to test it, BUY THE SCRIPT!!


I didn’t open the website!

You asked for help,he came in and tried to help you. Thats it!

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Are you an lawyer? Please don’t write! Please! I don’t need your unnecessary warnins. If you don’t have HTTP 500 problem please go to your Softaculous and use them.

On you website! Your website! Your, your.

lol, you asked for help and he tried to help you and you started accusing him. lol

Note: Error 500 is Caused when a server cant fulfil the script requirement also As @anon77371365 and @anon19508339 said don’t use the Nulled scripts. Also Please stop this topic to be extended