HTTP ERROR 500 issue Prestashop 1.6 Fatal error

Got an HTTP ERROR 500 issue when opening the front-end page of the site:

Followed the instructions displayed here:

_PrestaShop 1.5.3 – 1.6

open file: htdocs/config/ (using FTP or hosting control panel)
change false–>true:
define(‘PS_MODE_DEV’, false);
define(‘PS_MODE_DEV’, true);_

That allowed to show the following error:

Fatal error: Uncaught → Smarty: Missing template name ← thrown in /home/vol13_3/ on line 678

Then I followed and opened the smarty_internal_template.php: htdocs/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_template.php

And on lines 666 to 688 I got the following:

     * get Smarty property in template context
     * @param string $property_name property name
     * @throws SmartyException
    public function __get($property_name)
        switch ($property_name) {
            case 'source':
                if (strlen($this->template_resource) == 0) {
  ****  678 **            **throw new SmartyException('Missing template name');
                $this->source = Smarty_Resource::source($this);
                // cache template object under a unique ID
                // do not cache eval resources
                if ($this->source->type != 'eval') {
                    if ($this->smarty->allow_ambiguous_resources) {
                        $_templateId = $this->source->unique_resource . $this->cache_id . $this->compile_id;
                    } else {
                        $_templateId = $this->smarty->joined_template_dir . '#' . $this->template_resource . $this->cache_id . $this->compile_id;

What must I edit in order to solve the fatal error of line 678?

I’ve slightly edited your post for formatting (you can format it using Markdown.

The issue itself is probably what the name suggests: Missing template name.

It sounds like the theme/template you’re using is broken. But that’s impossible to say for sure given only the code you provided.

HI Admin,

Thanks for your answer and format.
The thing is the install was successful, and the activation too apparently.
Just the template specific seems missing.
Do you know any way to look further in the code for the specific template name required?

Would you need more code or a file to know for sure?

Tank you for any direction and help you can provide.

Got another direction here, post #7:

One of my clients had this exact problem when trying to generate PDF invoices, and it turned out that one of the template tpl files was missing from his /pdf folder. In this case it was “pagination.tpl”, but there are multiple auxiliary tpls that are used by different controllers, and can thus generate that same error. If the problem was on the homepage instead, then I would suspect that the same thing happened to some of the template tpls in the themes/{your_theme_name} folder.

Can you maybe point to the way to find which template is missing?

No, I’m not a Prestashop expert so I don’t know what the template folder should look like.