HTTP 500 error on /wp-admin/

I can visit my site fine as long as I don’t go to /wp-admin/, then I get an HTTP 500 error and the page will not load. I’ve tried disabling cloudflare and it still isn’t working. Anyone else got some ideas?

A HTTP ERROR 500 is typically caused by bad code causing your website to crash. I don’t know exactly what’s going wrong and how you should fix it, but I do have some suggestions on what you can do next:

  • Enable WordPress debug mode. Open your wp-config.php file and look for “debug”. You should find a parameter which is set to false by default but you can set it to true.
  • Go into the Alter PHP Config menu into your control panel and set Display Errors to enabled.

Then, try to open the WordPress admin again and you should see a proper error message which might point you to the cause of the issue (or at least give you something you can Google).

Don’t forget to change the settings back afterwards, showing raw PHP error messages to all visitors is considered a security risk.