HTML with sub folders

I created a new sub domain
I transfered a working HTML site to the HTDOCS folder.
The site is based on links to many sub-folders. Home page works fine.
The links (to html pages in the sub folders) are not working (message 404).
What is the right way to set it up?

By “new subdomain” do you mean a new hosting account with a free subdomain or a subdomain added to an existing hosting account?

In case of the latter, please make sure you upload the files to the htdocs folder of the subdomain, not the main htdocs folder.

It is a new free hosting account.
I’m using a domain name I own.
Beside the main domain, I created a subdomain named class.
index.html is located in - this works fine.
The link from this home page to js8/index.html returns the error message.
this is the refference to the second html file: href=“js8/index.html”

js8 is a sub-folder in

When I visit and then click the links on the right side of the page, I see normal web pages without any errors. Could you please try to clear your browser cache and then try again?

Thank you. It looks like I had a browser issue.
It works fine now