HTML form POST fails for very few users due to ?i=1

You will have to be patient because of the holidays


I’m sorry for the delay.

Thank you for sharing the HAR files, it does prove the issue happened.

I also found why I couldn’t reproduce it: my VPN config was bugged and didn’t actually forward the traffic to your test page over the VPN. When I fixed that, I got the same issue.

I’ve checked it with iFastNet and it does indeed seem that the security cookies are linked to IP addresses, so this is expected behavior.

But I do agree that it’s obnoxious to some users, so I’ll try and talk to them to see if there is anything we can do.


Hi, thanks to everyone for your help so far.

Am I right in thinking that any of the paid-for options available here don’t include the javascript security challenge? Depending on where I click on “Premium” on the InfinityFree website, I’m taken to the iFastNet page (minimum cost $4.99/month), or another page mentioning iFastNet Super Premium ($3.99/month) or the “Upgrade” page which mentions Starter Premium at $1.67/month as per the image I’ve hopefully attached.

Aside from this annoying failure to post when a visitor’s IP address changes, I also don’t like the javascript requirement meaning that the site is not indexed properly by search engines, and the inability to use Open Graph link previews. So if all of those issues are solved by ANY of the paid options, I might go in that direction. Thanks!


Choose the one that meet your needs


Just to let you know: the security token WAS linked to the IP address. But after some discussion, it was changed yesterday. There is still the chance to see it rotate, but not when your IP address changed. We all agree that this was too intrusive.

Yes, all paid plans do not have this security system.

The pricing can be a bit confusing, but, in a nutshell:

  • The “regular” price for a Super Premium is $4.99 per month, billed month to month.
  • If you get the plan without “free” domain, it becomes $3.99 per month (yes, I’m aware, I don’t make the plans).
  • If you order for a whole year, it effectively becomes $2.99 per month.

Yes, iFastNet’s plans are quirky, and the way they present pricing on their own site makes it very unclear what you’re saving by going for a yearly plan (it’s $1 per month on all plans).

Besides the IP address changing issue which has been fixed, the browser security challenge does not affect search engine indexing. We’ve made special precautions to make sure they are not affected.

The only real issue is that OpenGraph previews do not work. You can decide for yourself how much those are worth to you.


Hi, that’s fantastic news! Thanks for getting that sorted out, I’m sure that must benefit countless other users as well, maybe without them realising it.

So with that likely resolved, I’m less likely to go to a paid version now, but is the $1.67/month option not actually an option?

With the search engine point, it was my fault, I’ve seen what I did wrong so please ignore that.

Later on I’ll test changing my IP address between GET and POST and ensure it works. :grinning:


All of the paid plans are an option, of course, I just wanted to let you know that free hosting is better than you thought it was.


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