HTML File can not access content hosted

I got a html file which is trying to get a image on url “”.

Opening that url you alone loads image perfectly, but on file it’s not loaded, right clicking and pressing “Load Image” wont work neither.


Maybe worth adding that this was run on a local file.

Please show the HTML code you are using to call the image. Note that our servers are case sensitive.

Also, please share the exact URL where this HTML file can be found.


<img src="" width="170" height="50" />
<img src="">

As I said, html file was local file.

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I believe this is expected.

Did you try uploading file to hosting account?


I thought you meant that you created it locally.

You can’t access files on your website locally, as InfinityFree is not a file storage provider.

Once you upload the HTML file to the webserver and access it with your browser, the image will display correctly.


Thank u!

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