Htacess 500 error

Why so? I need more information to help. Anyway check your code again like admin suggested, it is crashing. Better find out why.

I don’t want your help. I just asked the admin for help

You should go for premium hosting then. When you don’t need anyone’s help :joy:. Admin said the issue was with your code :grin:.

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Ok I wouldn’t mind :smiling_face:. I was just trying to help, well nevermind :laughing:. Btw how’d I get out?

I’m sorry, but I am not understanding. Did you make this, or did you not?

Also, the error is quite clear, an HTTP 500 error is PHP or .htaccess code not working. Maybe it’s not working because a PHP extension that is used is not supported here, maybe it’s not working because something if wrong with the code.

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I followed all htaccess instructions and the problem still persists. Can someone who understands PHP software help?

Have you tried asking the original developer? They evidently understand PHP. And they also built this software so they know how it should work, and why it might not.

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I asked the company I bought it from. There is no problem with the software. He said it was a problem with the hosting. Can you help me?

What problem? Only you can help yourself


Did he also say what the problem with the hosting was?

Maybe there is a problem with the hosting. But even if that’s the case, we need more information than “the script is crashing” to do something about it.

This is why I said to contact the script developer: they know how it works, they know how to debug it and they know the hosting requirements. We don’t know anything about your software or why your software is crashing.


the script works on localhost but when I upload it to hosting, it gives an error of htacess 500, I couldn’t do it, help please

Do you want me to send you the software by e-mail?

If it works on localhost, but not when you upload it here, one of the following is happening.

  1. You uploaded the script incorrectly
  2. You setup the script here incorrectly
  3. The script cannot run here

Additionally, please remember that Admin (as well as everyone else here) will only help you solve your problem, we will not do it for you.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Can you email me about this topic? I want to give you my information

My mail;[email protected]

You can PM me instead by clicking my profile icon. Please do keep in mind that I am not a support agent, but a volunteer, and will not be digging through the code.


If you need more help, you need to give more info. This is not enough.


I don’t know what the error is, it just says htaccess 500

Did you do what the link say?

Can you write me by e-mail, I will send you my information.

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