Htacess 500 error

Hello there. I’m writing for my other site. my website

I want to install a new script here. but it gives me 500 error. I did a google search but couldn’t find the problem. script works fine on my localhost but not here. Please help me

Also what script you want to install?


Ebook lavarel

Only PHP is supported here. Correct me if I’m wrong!

Is this the script you’re referring to? eBook - Laravel CMS Script by cynoinfotech | CodeCanyon If so, it won’t work here as some of the PHP extensions are not available here.

yes i’m talking about that how can i run this

You’re not working about only PHP working here @jaikrishna.t, but Laravel is a framework for PHP, so it can be used here.

Looking at the system requirements, our hosting meets all of them, so I don’t know why it wouldn’t work.

Have you tried checking for error messages or logs to figure out what’s causing the 500 error? What did you find?

I can try to help you with this, but the script seems to be gone and the domain moved elsewhere, which makes it hard to do so.

I would also like to remind you that using pirated software here is strictly forbidden, and grounds for immediate and permanent termination of your service. And if you did pay the $29 license fee for this software, you could also spend a little bit more on paid hosting to get a better experience.

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this is an original software. Can you help me solve the error? My ns addresses are correct.

Ah, my bad, mistook @jaikrishna.t 's assumption as fact.

Can I help solve it? Sure. But it’s your software, only you can fix it.

But as @FlutterHoney’s link said: a HTTP ERROR 500 means your code is crashing. You need to figure out why it’s crashing.

And the link which @FlutterHoney shared provides a great starting point.

If I could figure it out myself I wouldn’t be posting here. Please help me I couldn’t solve the problem plsss

Nobody here is going to search through all your PHP files, understand them, and fix whatever error you are having for free. Maybe if you got an error message, or located a specific section of your code, then we could help.

If you want someone to fix the code without any other knowledge, you are going to have to find, and then pay, someone to do that.

If everything is paid, why does this place exist !

Because this is free supprt and hosting. Everyone in the community here are not masters in the software you never mentioned in the first place :joy:. If you paid for the software why not ask the developer directly? That should have been your first step of troubleshooting.

I asked the developer, there is no problem with the software, he says hosting is problematic.


  1. No Info about software : no help
  2. Pinging admin won’t help, he has turned them off
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I do not want you to write on the topic I opened.

Why so? I need more information to help. Anyway check your code again like admin suggested, it is crashing. Better find out why.

I don’t want your help. I just asked the admin for help

You should go for premium hosting then. When you don’t need anyone’s help :joy:. Admin said the issue was with your code :grin:.

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Ok I wouldn’t mind :smiling_face:. I was just trying to help, well nevermind :laughing:. Btw how’d I get out?