How visually acceptable is my Blog's design for readers?

As this is currently the community with most activity and responsiviness where I am at, I think it would be valuable to ask a normal reader, which is you, how visually appealing the blog is for Its first impression and what changes you would find visually more comfortable.

Give a constructive review on how easily “words are read” and what disturbs your eyesight the most.

The link is here

Here’s some of my opinions in [mobile viewport]

The color was completely plain white, but somehow helped by the font used there. So I think it’s OK


Font size
Also OK

Text alignment
This is highly depends on your target user, and the choice is often between these two: make it justify, or keep it left-aligned. For me, justify would be better.

Menu and Bottom-right floating button
I think the context of your bottom right button should be used inside the Menu button on top of your page. Or if it is designed that way for a reason, then at least make that floating button little bit bigger. It’s fairly hard to press them.

Some of your content/article doesn’t have “Read More” tag, which exposing the whole content right away

not checked
I only do skimming, which means I don’t really open all pages available in there. So if there’s anything I didn’t manage to see, then it should be about pictures and commenting section, given if there’s any inside your webpage.

It’s all right for me except:

I find it hard to read because I guess I’ll get sea/motion sickness
you use too much capital letters
my eyes are gone like this

I know you want to emphasize the essential things

but here is best illustrated how overwhelming it is
from quotation marks, bold, capital letters, italic, dashes,asterisks, etc.

Have you built a community, blog or niche?

What were the steps that allowed you to gather the first followers or establish a base community. I believe I just have to continue improving the readbility and marketing, but I might need to have some connectivity, a way to get people engaged, keen on it and waiting for new stuff.

This is the first time when I am seriously creating a brand, project and an identity.

I like it though.

I would say
that everything was based most on luck
you can have the best ideas, invest all your knowledge and money into something
and you never succeed

and someone who is actually a “fool”
jumping from the roof with a skateboard to the cactus
and him follow a millions of people !

unfortunately, we live in times when the baseline values are completely blurred

some of the keys are:
be unique
be yourself
content, content and content

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