How to use subdomain of custom site direct to an infinityfree hosted page

So I have a react app website on a custom domain, with its nameservers on the react hosting provider for the main page. I also created a Tribe forum page, and added it as a subdomain of the main site by adding a CNAME DNS record.

Now I need a widget that requires PHP, available to host from infinityfree. I would like to have the site pass through to the infinityfree hosted page. I cannot move the domain’s nameservers over because they’re being used for the React app, I just want a separate page to appear as a subdomain to my domain.

I’m pretty new to all this web stuff, how would I accomplish this?



Because of the way our system is setup, you have to change the nameservers to setup your account, but you can use other nameservers after the account is configured.

So first, change your nameservers to InfinityFree and add the domain name to your account. Then, add the subdomain in the control panel. You can then change the nameservers back to how they were originally. Lastly, create an A record with the value of “booking” and the content of the IP address that will be found in the client area of the account.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Hm OK. If I just added a site on a random domain and installed the PHP widget, how do I change the domain now?

What do you mean by a random domain name? If you want to connect your own custom domain, you have to change the nameservers.


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