How to use composer in

I have created a real estate website and I need to get used to it and receive a 4-digit verification code, at the moment I am using outlook e-mail server and composer for this.
Is it possible to use composer in or maybe there are some options?

Hi and welcome to the forum! You can’t use Composer directly on our hosting, but you can use Composer on your computer to install the dependencies needed for your website, then upload everything on your htdocs folder using an FTP client.


But will it work as it should?

I think so, though it depends on which software you’re going to be installing.


Composer just spits out regular PHP code. So yes, it will just work. You only need the composer tool to download the dependencies and generate the code to load them. But once the initial composer install or composer update command is done, you don’t need composer itself anymore.


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