How to use cloudflare with infinityfree?

I entered my domain name on cloudflare -, but it says:
An MX record was not found for your root domain. An MX record is required for mail to reach @ addresses.

It is just Cloudflare being Cloudflare, only add the mx record if you know why you need one (e.g mail forwarding), just ignore it

I activated cloudflare from cpanel now it’s saying this:

CLOUDFLARE ERROR : Sorry there was a problem activating cloudflare for this domain or the email address my email, this is normally caused by the email address or domain name already existing on the cloudflare system.

Do you already have a cloudflare account?

I tried to add my domain manually to cloudflare few minutes ago.

When it asked for mx record.

Oh ok, well just ignore the MX record warning, or does it not let you add records until you add the mx?

I deleted my previous account, and tried from cpanel again, now this error:
CLOUDFLARE ERROR : CloudFlare could not detect “” as a registered domain.

Tried many times, and it worked finally

Okay! :slight_smile:

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