How to upload vendor folder in laravel

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I want to upload vendor folder but it’s taking too long if I use FileZilla since there’re over 20000 files. But it’s only around 77mb. I tried zipping it but it only reduced to 40 mb. So, I tried splitting it into parts and use unzipper.php to unzip each of them but can’t do that for some reason. Also can’t extract using file manager. I’m stuck. Is there a way to upload vendor folder quick?

Other problem (might relate to missing vendor folder)

I placed my project folders except public into a new folder called “laravel”. Then, I cut out public folder’s files into htdocs. Then, I edit my index.php to point into laravel folder. Also .htaccess to +Indexes rule. But it’s saying

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.


I think it’s because of missing vendor folder. Help me how can I upload it fast



When you say you “split” the archive, do you mean you create multiple zip files with each a part of the directory, or did you create a multipart zip file? Because if it’s the latter, you might try the former, because not all unzipping tools can handle split archives.

Still, uploading the files with FileZilla is the recommended way. Yes, it may take a long time, but at least it will work in the end.


Solved - It seems that I’m still missing vendor folders. So, I upload the leftover one and now the site is up and running. Thanks for all responses

I solve the vendor upload problem by using the latter method you mentioned which is zipping groups of folder lower than 10mb each and unzipping them in File Manager. It took some times but was way faster than uploading with FileZilla. The only problem I’m left with is 500 problem. It’s still showing 500 status even tho I upload vendor folders

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Hi IzumiThant,

It is working from my end as well, which page specifically are you still experiencing 500?



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