How to upload pack plugin and extentions?

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ERROR: Your current PHP version is 7.4.8. pH7Builder requires PHP 8.0.0 or newer.
Please ask your Web host to upgrade PHP to 8.0.0 or newer.

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Hi and welcome to the forum! PHP 8.1 will come soon on every hosting account, just the time to sort out missing extensions on the servers where they have it installed (which are only some and not most of them). If you don’t want to wait for PHP 8.1 to roll out, Premium Hosting already has it, along with more features.


In the mean time, maybe you can stick to pH7Builder version 17 should still be compatible with PHP 7.4, only version 18 is not. So you may need to run an older version of that software until our servers are updated to PHP 8.1.


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