How to show image via CDN and Cloudflare app uses cpu resources?

I am using wordpress and i have installed cloudflare and w3total cache and both are active. But on post page i see that images on the posts are coming from /wp-includes and it consumes CPU resource. So i want that the images to be served via CDN in my posts. How to do that ?

My 2nd query is that i have installed a app from cloudflare that shows sharing options on my website although there are several plugins in wordpress to do so but i did that to avoid the CPU use. So a app installed on cloudflare will effect my CPU usage ??

CDN’s are basically Content Delivery Networks that cache your pages and files. If you really want a separate domain for that, then you’d have to find one of those CDN’s which allow custom domain like

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As you can read in the article about the CPU limit, the only thing that uses CPU power are PHP scripts being executed on your site. This means that any static content, like images, Javascript, CSS and so on, will ever use any CPU power.

And if you’re using Cloudflare, then Cloudflare will cache those specific files. From the side of your visitors, this is completely transparent. There is no way to tell if the images are being served by Cloudflare or by your hosting account, other than the loading speed. So unless you tinkered with the Cloudflare settings and disabled their caching, then the images will be served from the Cloudflare CDN.

Any app installed through Cloudflare runs completely in Cloudflare’s systems. Not a single byte of storage or a single signal in the server’s processor is handled in your hosting account for it.


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