How to resolve account suspension WITHOUT buying premium

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My account got suspended for overloading the free hosting servers. I tried to open a ticket and see what I can do to resolve this problem. But all I got is a reply saying “Your free account bad content has triggered our systems’ abuse filter detectors and has been suspended”. I got no reply on how to resolve this without buying the premium service, and I really can’t wait for 30 days before being able to create a new account. Is there any way to resolve this, or am I just gonna have to wait for 30 days/buy premium?

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Did you read the TOS?


Of course no

So, I paid for the subscription and pasted my Invoice id in the support ticket. How long will it take the support team to un-suspend the account?

So you bought premium hosting from iFastNet, right? If so they will move your site file to the premium servers. So the website will load from the servers for which you paid. The account at (infinityfree), there is no need for this now. You can either delete this after being unsuspended.


I don’t want to delete it. I still want to use the same account.

Ok, your account will be moved to premium hosting, but still why do you need this account at IF?

I’ve gotten used to this interface, and I don’t really need any of the extra features. All I need now is just a hosting server that supports apache.

As you have paid for hosting now, you get cPanel and many more. This IF interface or vPanel is no more needed to manage your account. Login to your account at iFastNet and just manage it from there from now onwards. So what for did you pay? For not using it? Then it is waste!


But why should I use it when I don’t need it?

That is the interface now to manage your account!

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iFastNet’s premium hosting and our free hosting are quite different. You get a different control panel with different features (but all more and better). iFastNet can migrate your website from free hosting, which includes moving all the content over, migrate the free subdomains and update your website settings to work with the new account.

Premium hosting with all the InfinityFree tooling is not an option, unfortunately.


Of course, this does not really apply to premium hosting, but still I want to ask one of the questions that interests me. firstly, the first question that concerns the forum is why I can’t send private messages to anyone, I don’t get it, maybe there’s something wrong with the site’s accessibility for blind people. if I have my own premium reseller that I buy how can I open the same unlimited hosting administrator please write to me in private messages I am ready to develop this but I do not understand how it will be without restrictions if the maximum tariff plan it includes in itself a 100 GB disk and this is an intermediary by the way, if you have not forgotten.

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the main thing is that I need to be written by the administrator of this hosting so that I can discuss some points, I am not arrogant and quite adequate therefore do not think that something will be terrible in our dialogue. I don’t mind spending money to do this just in order to be at least busy with something, I have a lot of time, but I don’t know what to do with it, and I just want to do websites and I want to give people something that you give, for example, and this I am glad that at least someone is doing this. I just have a question about how I can distribute hosting without restrictions, although the maximum tariff includes 100 GB of disk space, that is, I will have to allocate each maximum download size, or for example, I will need to set a maximum quota for users, for example 1GB, then in this case

It will be based on the premium reseller plan you choose. There is nothing so called unlimited. Even here we have the 10MB file limit, 5GB storage limit after it will be capped, the inode and the hits limit. That’s just a marketing tactic. Well if you are using MYOWNFREEHOST, you can create specific packages. And then add a piece of code in the form of that package.

I believe you have to have “Member” status before you can send private messages. You do not have that yet. Additionally, Admin has private messages turned off for himself, so you cannot message him.

In the MOFH client, you can set the limits. By setting the limits to the max number of possible, it is considered “Unlimited”, although it really is not.

Also, please note that this forum is not for MOFH. Please ask iFastNet if you need additional help.


There are two reasons why you might not be able to send direct messages:

  • You have not reached the minimum trust level to send direct messages (you have now, but this may not have been true before).
  • The person you’re trying to message has PMs disabled. I have this setup for myself, because I was only messages by people demanding personal support from me (which I do not provide).

As for the accessibility for the visually impaired, I don’t know.

Normally, when you buy a reseller hosting account, you get a set amount of disk space for the reseller account. You can then cut that disk space into smaller chunks to resell to your customers. How large you make those chunks, how you enforce that and what you charge people for it, that’s all up to you.

No serious hosting provider offers unlimited reseller hosting. For individual accounts, it’s manageable, because there is only so much disk space one account can use for legitimate purposes. But with an unlimited number of accounts, that can lead to a ridiculous disk usage.

iFastNet/MOFH is a bit unique in that regard in that it is more like an affiliate offer than a reseller service.

There are plenty of services and guides around which explain how to setup a hosting business with reseller hosting.

I have that knowledge but many other people do too. I’m not in the consultancy business to help other people setup hosting companies. And I don’t really want to either, given my conflict of interest.


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