How to receive a pdf and store on server

Hi ,

I have a code which allows a user to upload a image and the image gets stored to server and i need code to allow user to submit “docx” and “pdf” file format and store “docx” “pdf” file format to the server

I Really Appreciate the one who help

Here’s the code
upload.php (1.4 KB)
index (2).html (282 Bytes)

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately, do to malicious exploits in the past, PDF files are not allowed on free hosting.


.docx are available ?

They should be, yes.

Also, note that while file upload sites are allowed, you are responsible for everything. So if a user uploads a malicious file, and your account gets suspended, it is your fault. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not create one.


Can anybody send a code that allows a user to send a “docx” file and receive in server

No, no one will help you build your website, you need to find or make your own code. Github is a great place to start off!

can you recommend any one please ?

No? A google search will help, here’s one: