How to put txt to my DNS

So i made a google website for my dad, and to make it a custom domain i had to put a large TXT code into the domain.

This is a free subdomain, not a custom domain


so this means google webiste’s cant work with it?

As you do not own the domain, there is no way to put in a TXT record

what about a “CNAME”?

It is available from the VPanel


Where is the VPanel?

Oh i see

Do anyone know what to do? it said its done, but nothing happens

Using our free subdomains with third party hosting is not supported. If you want to host your site with Google Sites, I recommend to either stick with the URL provided by Google Sites or purchase your own domain name to use for your site.

If you insist on using our domains, you could embed the Google Sites page on your free subdomain with something like this:


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