How to prevent people from viewing some pages


My site is The problem is people can view some pages, for example How can I make it show error 403 instead of people gaining access to the page? Any help would be very appreciated!

Thanks for your help.

  • KygekDev

But if you ban that link to people they won’t be able to read styles so your website will become pure html.


Also, why would you want to hide a stylesheet? Just put a copyright notice at the top.

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People are supposed to have access to that file.

If you’re browser can’t access .css files, none of the code will be applied to your page and, as @anon19508339 mentioned, it’ll become pure html.

If you’re worried about someone stealing your CSS code, well… nothing you can do about that (as far as I know).

As @HaydenANG mentioned, you can put a copyright notice at the top of the file or you can do as many people do and just have a © Kygek 2020 in your web page’s footer. That applies copyright to the whole page so you don’t have to bother with each file.


Thanks for the reply.

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