How to make an


I dont understand how to go from example .com to ===> example .com/example

I tried googling but found nothing to help


If you already have your domain connected to your account, just open the file manager and add a directory with the name of the sub folder you wish to create.


You need some coding knowledge to make that happen. Can you elaborate your needs/issue?

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The /example is basically a subfile attached to the domain. A website is actually structured very similarly to the file system on a computer. In fact, a website is literally part of a file system on your computer. Except, it is as if you had a folder called example (.com helps the DNS system find your website, but that is not relative) and inside had a file called example.

However, I now think that you might want to achieve the example file without the .html extension. PHP isn’t the best for this, as PHP does not handle the web server itself. It is code that is run when a file is accessed by a client. If you were to use an actual server language like NodeJS or Go, then it is a lot easier. You will have to use the server language we use - Apache HTTP server.

.htaccess is the server config, and you can use this to achieve your goal.

Just Google remove file extension in .htaccess.

I did so and brought up this article:

Happy reading!


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