How to install the key and SSL certificate?

I have installed wp in my infinity site. When I try to install SSL with a “simple ssl” plug-in, it seems that it cannot any “ssl certificate”.

I have generate some self-signed “ssl certificate” and “key” and two files are downloaded? How can I install that into my Infinity web site?

Hi, please take a look at this:


First of all, you can’t get an SSL certificate through a WordPress plugin, and our panel doesn’t support uploading self signed SSL certificates. But we do provide a system to generate free SSL Certificates for you, just check the section named that in the client area.


I have read the article upon your advice, it says " InfinityFree also provides free SSL certificates from the client area,"

Then, I went to the client area in the “ssl certificate” section I typed in my domain name. After quite some time, in the “free ssl certificate” section, it is indicated that my domain is “verified” but it also says “0 active certficate”.

What should be the next step?

On further investigation, I managed to submit the request finally. It is “pending” at the moment. I hope that it will be OK after some time.

Click the domain name and scroll down. After the “Step 1” card, you’ll find a “Step 2” card with a button you can click.

Once you’re done with “Step 2”, you can scroll down further to “Step 3”. And after you’ve done that, you can do “Step 4”.

The whole certificate provisioning process takes up to 10 minutes. Within that time, it will either go to the “Issued” or “Failed” state. The “Issued” states gives you a certificate you can use. The “Failed” state provides an error message with further instructions.


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